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welcoming rejection

the other day i was following up with a younger friend of mine & asked her how things had ended up going with a guy she had liked for a while—she let me know that well, not great, it didn’t pan out into what i was hoping for, but ain’t no thing, rejection is fine, plenty of people out there & it was all worth the risk in pursuing to see if it may have gone somewhere. ⠀

and that is precisely the kind of attitude we should all be wearing 100% of the time in my opinion. if i could go back in time and reassure myself of anything during those teen & early 20s years it would be to absolutely chase after anything you’re interested in. sure, rejection will inevitably come and it does sting, but not nearly as much as not knowing if you could have made that audition, gotten into the school of your dreams, gone to that dance with your crush, & anything else that happens to matter to you.⠀

so do the thing that you’ve been fixated on for forever but haven’t taken action on, ask the cute boy out in your class, try out for that thing that you probably aren’t fully qualified to make, chase after loving yourself so deeply through making yourself do the hard things & forming those tedious habits to make you more you & into who you need to be to get you to where you want to go… rejection is just redirection anyway, and the best of things—& especially people—will never get away when its what’s meant for you.

something i have found encouraging in my practice and self discovery of breaking some of those limiting beliefs over ourselves comes from a simple equation inspired by bob heilig— it can be broken down into:


Thoughts (about these circumstances)

Feelings (how you feel determines actions)

Actions (=results)


negative thoughts will always create negative results. once we can start taking responsibility for our own thoughts, we can change the rest.

lets change the rest when self doubt creeps in.

stay well, everyone.

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