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trust the process, let go of the timed outcome.

Does anyone else have a thing that they have started and restarted multiple times?

Something you really, really care about and yet at times it feels as though you are never going to get it, or get ‘there,’ wherever that happens to be?

I feel that often time it is fear alone that can leave us paralyzed, unmoving, and unchanging. We may have the motivation to make it to that next level of joy, but the actions behind what we’re striving for fall short, and the consistency is not nearly held out long enough for us to even stand a chance.

Lately I’ve been goal setting in a lot of new ways, and I personally have had plenty that I have been reaching for in recent years that I have not succeeded in achieving by the x planned date I had known deep in my soul I would.

But what is a setting a timed goal anyway?

If there’s anything I’m realizing the older (and I hope wiser, lol) I get is that the nitty gritty consistency of showing up doing the hard or tedious things we don’t want to do is often the hardest battle, and furthermore, it’s not until we are NEARLY THERE in which we even begin to see progress start to be visible.

Nothing like an invisible and intangible thing to keep us motivated am I right? Kidding, lol. Absolutely not, it is 100% not encouraging or very visible until most of the work over time has already been put in.

Bob Heilig from your virtual upline—an excellent resource for anyone ever feeling like an extra boost of direction could serve them—says it perfectly when he says this: “by the time you start seeing the results flow in, you’ve already accomplished 95% of the work.

That’s right. 95% (!)

Maybe what we need is more of a mind shift more than anything, a real commitment to stay on course and trust the process despite what the results are looking like, and living out of a place of faith and never one of fear.

Personally I want to be making 2020 my best year in so many ways especially considering the weight of what it has carried forth thus far. How about you?

To all of those also pursuing the good fight in continuing your education and awareness and proactiveness on fighting against systemic racism, attending to our loved ones at risk from the pandemic physically and psychologically, and also pursuing your dreams and goals, I see you, and I am cheering you on!

May we lean into trust, setting up systems where everyday we may hold ourselves accountable to the ways in which we will be committing to our goals, and release the outcome along the way.

It will all come together as it should, and there is not longer any reason or excuse as to why it cannot at this time. We only have today and the present to pursue becoming the best versions of ourselves, so what are we waiting for.

Wishing you lots of love, friends.

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