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toxin free living.

...we are the gatekeepers of our homes.

and also one of the main reasons why I feel so compelled this easy and effortless lifestyle change with everyone I care about.

we can do better, and we ought it to ourselves, our one and dear precious life, as well as for our loved ones.

our skin is our largest organ. it makes sense then to know that what we wear from our clothes, to where our towels have been when we dry ourselves off, all matters when it comes into contact with our bodies. we can choose a way to not take up all of those nasty hormone disruptors.

have a little one? even more reason to start out anew with having absolute trust in what you are having around your littles, and what you are taking up that directly affect them as well. our parents may not have known better over some of these dangerous products out there, but thankfully we now do, and can have the choice to use new tools pursuing wellness.

I've never been a huge makeup wearer, but with savvy minerals I love the effortlessness of it all and how it's simultaneously moisturizing and healing my skin while I'm wearing it, and that it feels like I have nothing on. never going back to any other makeup line : )

as of today, the thieves starter kit is even at a new low cost giving you the absolute most for your money and products that LAST, and will give you the highest line of immune protection and safety.

just click the "begin your journey" tab in order to start your road to wellness --the easy way. I'll be happy to walk this journey with you every step of the way!

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