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things rachel hollis & valor make me do.

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

So I recently was listening in on an episode of the rise podcast by Rachel hollis. As usual, I’m immediately inspired and feel a deep need to write down every little thing that I feel like she is saying that seems meant only for me. What stood out about this particular message was the call to action to begin today. Not tomorrow, not someday, not after a holiday, or quarantine, no, today.

It’s easy to lose sight of demanding acting now isn’t it? We have so many distractions in our daily lives, so many worthy things and people begging for our attention that prioritizing can sometimes leave us feeling frozen and stuck. What resonated with me was that she went into how in general the issue isn’t even that we lose passion or motivation, but rather we just get sidetracked.

She gave an analogy of how we can think of ourselves as a vase, and picture water being poured into it as what we do to fill ourselves up and give ourselves the healthy attention and needs met required to do all the things we need to do.

Now picture it being tossed around and knocked over here and there by others, overcommitting, not saying no, etc. What is going to happen to the vase? Well it will all be empty. What happens when we make time to allow ourselves to continue working on our best selves in order to serve others and the people who we love who need us to be at our best? It fills up, the water overflows, and sure enough, that means theres more water for us to pour out for our loved ones, our businesses, our dreams, all of it.

We only have today though. So how on earth can we go about sticking to goals we set and stay on track with trajectories we have for ourselves when there is so much demand for our energy every single day. Well, I personally have found one tool that has made an enormous difference for me, and its called The Miracle Morning.

Anyone familiar with it?

What it does is basically provide the rational for why even if you’re not a morning person (which I for most of my life have not been), that mornings are the miracle hours and times to accomplish everything you need to before all the your energy has been drained from the days demands.

If you’re anything like me you may be rolling your eyes and saying I’ve tried so many times to get into the habit of doing that run in the morning, trying to fit in those business work hours then, and it never lasts. It wasn’t until I had The Miracle Morning recommended to me by a friend that something finally clicked. Not only did it break down the rational behind why mornings are so key to your success and goals becoming a reality, but it also gives you simple tools to work through during these power hours.

They are the life SAVERS.

To simplify, it’s to fit in time for silence/appreciation/prayer, affirmations over your goals, visualizations of the steps you will take to achieve them, exercise, reading, and scribing. These life savers alone over the last 6 months have taken my personal growth and business to a place that I have never been before, and I am a firm believer that if you give it a try too, you’ll be in love with it as well.

Going back to Rachel Hollis’ talk, she gave the example of that it only takes 30 days to get a pretty good feel over a new habit, and why not start today and make it happen. I’ve always known her to also be a running lover, and therefore it hit home when I shockingly heard her say that in fact every morning when she runs she actually NEVER is looking forward to it (Rachel Hollis not wanting to run? Not wanting to joyfully do what she does?). I’m not sure why this came as such a shock to me but it was for sure the kick in my pants I currently needed to get back on track with doing what needs to be done and throwing away the excuses.

So this month of June I’m vowing to stick to those life savers, do the run/workout/hard work even though you never feel like it (few things worth doing have I personally ever felt like doing in a lot of pivotal moments), throw on some valor, and make it happen.

Please let me know if you download The Miracle Morning on audible or pick it up somewhere, I would love to hear how you love it and be cheering you on as well.

Let’s do all of these hard things we know we need to do to be living our best lives and selves amidst this quarantine and the darkness surrounding our country right now and lets be a light friends. The world needs more love so desperately, and that begins at such a micro level of us changing our own thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

You’ve got this.

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