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the 80/20 rule.

So recently I’ve been reading this fascinating book called the 80/20 principle. It has slowly been blowing my mind and I know I can’t be the only one who thinks that this is fascinating as well!

Basically, what it goes into is the concept of that 80% of our results or accomplishments as you can call it, come from only 20% of the output of what we’re committing our time too.

For example, say you’re starting a new fitness plan with a full list long of ideas of how to get yourself there. Then lets assume you actually commit to doing every single tedious (and often time consuming!) task. There is some unspoken rule that is found in all sorts of bizarre patterns in all of creation that kind of reinforces the idea that we only need to track down that 20%, and that the rest of it we can lay down.

Now doesn’t that sound like a dream? Laying to rest most of your work, planning, tedious time consuming things, and freeing yourself up to be spending your time more wisely and fully? I think so!

So that then leads us to ask ourselves, what exactly am I doing that is wasting my time? Although I hate to frame anything as a complete “waste” (very much an enneagram 7 thing, lol), I can honestly recognize that there are times where I am fiercely protecting and valuing my time, and moments where I am doing anything but that.

I’m not saying we need to be always intensely productive or all consumed in doing doing and going going, but rather maybe we could find a better way of implementing what does work and click in our day to day to free ourselves up to be able to slow it all down, do less and gain more.

While I’m still narrowing down what that exactly looks like in my life personally, I must say that keeping this rule in mind alone really has been helpful in merely asking myself and then asking myself again, is this really serving me?

One of the best yes’s I’ve ever jumped all into has been my network marketing career. Already having 2 bachelor degrees in both kinesiology and nursing, I by no means needed to pursue a new job, and for sure never even saw myself all that interested in business or sales per say, but there’s something uniquely amazing about what life brings to you when you least expect it.

For me, the world of network marketing has represented so much of that 80/20 rule. It allows me a way to actually have my time invested now mean something much more later than any amount of long shifts at the hospital ever could. It means that someday when I am a mother I will be able to be home with my kids as much as I’d like. It means that the unhealthy mindset I have had most of my life surrounding that dirty word “money” could now be a healthy one in which I view abundantly living not from a place of fear or scarcity.

And that’s just one of the reasons why I love doing what I am doing. I want others to catch this dream and see it happen for themselves. I want to bring as many of my loved ones and friends along on this ride with me, because there’s just an easier way of doing things my friends.

What’s so amazing is that we can be 100 different things, having numerous occupations and succeed in pursuing so many diverse passions in this day and age with the gift of working from home just with access to the internet. For anyone who is reading this and ears are perking up or something is stirring inside of you also wanting to have this dream of financial and time freedom be a reality, I highly recommend reading the 4 Year Career—it’s an awesome read.

Also if that is you, I would love to chat with you and share more.

We all have this one, wild & precious life, and it is up to us and us alone to live it as joyfully and abundantly as we can.

So lets start asking ourselves what is that 80% of what we are working towards in which we could dissect and break it down to that 20%. Lets start freeing up our time in pursuit of what really sets our hearts ablaze and go full throttle.

Forever cheering you on friends.

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