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spring cleaning

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

It’s officially Spring!! 

I am in full on Spring Cleaning mode over here, what about you?! 

I'm so ready for sunshine, more coast time, making memories, sun tans, bring on Spring (and Summer)!!  It is so refreshing to release items that we no longer need in our home, and clean up after a long winter!! I'm going to share a few of my favorite Young Living products to help us with this task, naturally, and safely!!! Let’s go!

Have you heard me talk about the ditch and switch?? It’s when you ditch the toxic products lurking in your home, for safe, clean, natural ones!! I've been shifting my budget from Target or the grocery store home items to Young Living, not adding to our

budget! These highly concentrated products last a LONG time, and we have some easy to do hacks I'll share with you on stretching your products even longer!!

Don’t get caught up in thinking you have to replace everything at once!! You don’t!! Make a plan based on what your budget is to switch things out monthly!!

This could look like:

April: Thieves Household Concentrated Cleaner Thieves Dish Soap Thieves Essential Oil

May: Thieves Handsoap (we prefer glass containers and the refill!) Thieves Laundry Soap (which can make THREE from this ONE concentrated bottle!)

June: Thieves Toothpaste Thieves Mouthwash Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier

Whatever works best for your family!!! What are you switching out?

Our skin is our largest organ, let’s treat it well!! The clothes we wear everyday are rubbing on our skin, and transferring into our blood system! Be weary of laundry soaps at big box stores that contain harmful ingredients! They also dilute their product with water, that’s why the containers are so large!!!

People are often SURPRISED by how small the bottle of Thieves Laundry Soap is, but that’sbecause it is highly concentrated!!! We love to split it into 2 or even 3 bottles!!! You divide accordingly and dilute with water! Easy as pie and works amazing!!!

The Thieves scent does not linger on your clothes though because it does not contain the chemical that bonds scent to clothes (that’s because it isn’t good for you!!)

We also use wool dryer balls!! Such a simple swap with a large impact! It’s also great for the planet!! Win-win!!

We love to add a few drops of our favorite essential oil with a high flash point (or keep the dryer on a lower heat setting!) to the wool dryer balls!!

Make it a habit of washing all of your produce right when you bring it home from the grocery store!!! I was totally guilty of not doing this, but you run the risk of ingesting icky stuff that you don’t want (trust me!) and it only takes a few minutes!!!

We LOVE the fruit and veggie soak from YL!!! It’s amazing, highly concentrated, and you only need a capful (and the cap is tiny!!) And by washing your produce, you give it a longer shelf life!!! Woo!

The first place we made swaps was in our kitchen (and our cleaning products!!) You can start simple by changing out your surface cleaner!!! The Thieves Household Concentrated Cleaner is incredible, cost friendly, and the way to go!!! Just the small capful of it plus water, creates an entire 16 oz spray bottle.

Next switch out dish soap! A little goes a long way!!! And it doesn’t really suds, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working!! We love this product!!!

Remove everything from under your sink, and toss the harsh stuff! You don’t need it, promise!!! Once you’ve sorted through your stock, you can make a list of what swaps you’d like to make!!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when Spring cleaning, but we like to take it room by room!!! I choose a room (or a few) to go through in a day, that way I’m not tackling the whole house at once. You’ll feel loads lighter when you’ve accomplished a room!! It will also motivate you to keep on going!!

Look for ways you can support your family naturally in each room!!! For us that looks like, swapping out bathroom products for the Thieves lines, using baking soda and white vinegar along with our Thieves products for cleaning, using essential oils in the diffuser instead of candles!!!

What are ways you can go room by room?

Create a new routine for Spring (one that you’ll stick to)! We suggest brainstorming a priority list for yourself, what matters to you in this season? Once you know that, it’s easier to come up with a new routine!!

For example: + Every other day is laundry day! + After dinner everyone helps pick up, grab a laundry basket and toss anything you come across inside, then sort through and put things back where they belong! + When everything has a place, you’ll stay organized, if there isn’t room, consider decluttering or Marie Kondo’ing it! + Clean bathrooms every Thursday (or whatever day works for you, you get the idea!)

New routines are an amazing refresh and addition to Spring!!

We LOVE diffusing!! Here are a few of our favorite Spring Clean blends to keep the moods and spirits high!!

Citrus Fresh + Peppermint Thieves + Lemon Lavender + Peppermint Purification + Citrus Fresh Joy + Lime Jade Lemon + Tangerine

What are your favorite diffuser combos for Spring and for cleaning?

By now I hope you’ve heard of Essential Rewards? Right!? It’s one of the incredible perks of Young Living!!! It’s a program that allows you to grab your favorite products monthly with a savings + perks and benefits!!! Yes, please!!!

The ditch and switch is a lot more manageable when you are receiving points back on every purchase + free products at different promo tiers!!!

We shifted our monthly household product budget over to Young Living and we haven’t looked back!!!

You can learn more about Essential Rewards here -->

Thanks so much for reading along!!! I hope this information was helpful and that you're excited for you and your family to be taking these steps towards wellness and a healthy lifestyle!!! Just remember that whether you are all green, all in, or you are just dipping your toes in with simple swaps, we all start somewhere!!! You will not regret prioritizing yourself and your family’s health!!!

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