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cinderella cleaner

once upon a time i used to have absolutely (hardly) no filter on what kind of products i allowed into my spaces. fast forward 2 years & now things are dramatically different but it didn’t all happen over night.

i can remember back in time how one day my grandmas little dog had been obsessing over licking our floors after i had just cleaned them with our swiffer, & he got super super sick. it wasn’t really on my radar that what I was exposing my animals to, let alone myself & my family really was having an impact on how everyone was feeling just bc you don’t know what you haven’t experienced outside of that.

i’ve never been bothered by strong perfumes, bath & body works was always a go to for holiday presents, & i often would get annoyed when my mom would suggest an off brand “clean” cleaning brand that not only wouldn’t work, but it would also not smell good either (here’s looking at you mrs. meyers)! but the way certain companies greenwash items into wounded natural and clean when they’re actually not so a subject for another day.

what i hadn’t realized was once I took away those fake fragrances, the 5 different cleaners I would randomly pick out from target, the perfumes, the cheap candles, that I now can EXTREMELY notice a difference with how I feel, how my throat and lungs and head feels, once I am around those items now.

it didn’t happen over night, BUT...good news is it was super easy to start transfer buying [actual] clean items into the home over time. also, for anyone else a bit fatigued from always looking up ingredients on random cleaning products, the thieves line was an absolute godsend . it has saved me money, lasts forever, smells like Christmas, AND does not harm my pets or myself or my family.

peek next slides for some easy ways to start transfer buying in clean items into your space —promise you won’t regret it.

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