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asking for help.

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Easy? Or not so much?

Recently I have been readjusting to a new commercial fishing role I’ve had very little experience in, and it has brought up a lot of questions regarding my discomfort in asking for help. Why is that? As a society are we just all so focused on “faking it til’ you make it,” or is a it a pride thing, whatever it may be, I have for sure been feeling tension here & causes me to wonder if its just me, or does everyone feel this to some extent?

Why is this such a complicated act? Ask for help. Admit you don’t know. Don’t feel like you have to do a poor job at something and learn the hard way. In fact, I think perhaps one of the bravest things we may ever continue to keep putting into practice is the act of accepting we don’t know everything, there is always room for improvement, and that we should be looking to surround ourselves with others who will continually pushing us to grow.

What they say about you never wanting to be the smartest person in the room is true. If it’s so, there’s no room for growth. May we ever be trying to feel continually inspired, motivated, stretched to see things in new and original ways, & learn to accept and enjoy the ride along the way.

Going back to a more literal note, for those local to my hometown of Cordova, Alaska here and saw me “Jesus take the wheel” release my very sticky & not working properly skiff controls and request help immediately in yelping “nope,” I hope you had a good laugh at the very least, lol. For everyone who couldn’t be there to witness my very public in the harbor skiff maneuvering lesson, I hope you still pictured it and it brought a chuckle to you.

At least a sense of being reminded that we all have things that we do that are new and that we are humbled by. I think sharing more of these stories is where connection can actually grow, when we’re vulnerable with one another and allow real authenticity to be held.

Perhaps in this season most of all we could all use a little more authenticity, a little more connection, a little more empathy and care for others, and you know, a little extra grease on the boat controls couldn’t hurt either.

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